We manage your assets so you can enjoy your wealth.


Conservative & Risk-Averse

We are as concerned about the return of your capital as we are about the return on your capital. Our investment philosophy is grounded in a conservative long-term growth strategy designed to protect, preserve and steadily grow your assets. Our objective is that your assets are always there for you and your family.

Active & Evolving

We build your portfolio based on an asset allocation that aligns with your risk tolerance, income and liquidity needs, time horizon and your expected rate of return. We use a broad range of asset classes to help reduce risk and enhance returns, protecting you during difficult market conditions. We then adjust this allocation to capture opportunities as financial markets and economic trends evolve.

Disciplined & Vigilant

Our portfolios are proactively rebalanced based on your evolving objectives and our fundamental outlook on individual investments, U.S. and international markets and global economies. We apply a top-down “reversion to the mean” approach to monitoring overall market strategy, routinely accessing new market information in the context of historical norms as part of a long-term strategy, and adjusting portfolios accordingly. We then apply bottom-up research at the security level to validate that individual portfolios are strictly adhering to their set guidelines and strategic objectives.

Full-Service & Well-Rounded

As a multi-disciplinary team of investment professionals, we support a comprehensive investment management offering to meet the specific needs of our clients, who include individual, family, pension and profit sharing plans and foundations. Our services include portfolio management, financial planning, fiduciary services, retirement income planning, and tax and estate consulting and solutions. So whether you are seeking family wealth management, business retirement administration or life planning, we offer the services to manage your assets so you can spend your time enjoying them.

Open Architecture & Broad Access

Our investment portfolios are goal-oriented and built on long-term strategies, with a mix of individual securities, select managers, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), private limited partnerships (e.g. hedge funds), real estate investment trusts, mutual funds and fixed income investments. Our independence allows us to take an unbiased approach giving us the ability to take advantage of a multitude of global investment options and strategies offering unrestricted investment potential to pursue your goals. This open architecture approach also provides our clients access to some of the most experienced investment managers that have the potential to provide you with superior risk-adjusted returns over a variety of market conditions.

Preferred Access & Preferred Pricing

Our expertise in alternative investment strategies as well as the scope of our assets under advisement provides us with access to some of the most well-respected specialized hedge fund, real estate and private equity managers. We are able to capitalize on these relationships to gain insightful advice as well as lower minimums and fees.