We administer your company's plans so you can plan your company's future.


Expertise & Experience

If you’re the owner of a small-or mid-size business, you are well aware that retirement planning is central to your employees’ well-being – as well as the well-being of your company. You’re likely also aware of the complexity and time commitment of establishing, revisiting and maintaining a qualified retirement plan. As a third party administrator, Derby has the expertise and the skills to develop and administer a retirement plan that is well-suited for your business and your team. For almost 30 years, we have helped businesses from a broad range of industries – architecture to law, manufacturing to sales – plan, design and execute retirement plans to help employees build their future while they build the business.

Administration & Oversight

Once we have drafted and established a plan, we use the latest technology to professionally administer it. We regularly review your plan design and objectives to ensure your company and your staff consistently receive the greatest benefit from the available options. In addition, we offer specialized consultation services that include:

  • Termination of pension plans;
  • Reorganization of poorly administered and regulation-deficient plans;
  • Mergers and acquisitions; and
  • Pension valuation for marital dissolution.